Ohhh "life" what are the myteries behind you!.

Last Saturday my sister and i took the bus to Rose Hill to our guitar tuition and in the bus we met with a very young girl with blood cancer i think. I've known her since long as we were in the same school, but i don't think she still remember me. She was with her twin sister and her mother. I couldn't recognised her at first as she has changed so much due to that cancer, she'd lost her hair and only by seeing her twin sister that i came to know it was really the girl i know. My sister was next to me in the bus and the girl also was next to me but on the other side, i really couldn't control myself, i was feeling hurt for no reason, just looking at her tears was coming from my eyes and a sense of anger against everything flooded my brain at the moment. So many questions were roaming through my mind, why should the little girl deserves such a thing? what's her fault? If life could turn wrong by the flick of an eye why should we exist? grrr...i was soooo hurt inside :(

I've recently heard that she's on a healing process now and i was reassured of hearing this good new. Live long little girl :)

Then i told myself as far as i can enjoy through the journey of life i will do it, life is too short!

My beatbox video

Well guys let me present one of my first beatbox video i have on youtube and see what you thinking of ;) I've tried my best to be serious but i don't know why i end it up to be funny hehe...i realy like the part 0:50 and on.

My kitty

We have a new family member since a month already, let me present...tadaa!!
My sweet baby!
My sister could not resists herself from bringing that poor animal home. He had a sweet family with his mother and a sister living under a water tank which is very near to her office. They had a happy family life till the day his mother crushed by a car. The poor kitty was left all alone with her sister, fortunately nothing happened to them. My sister brought only the male at home as the female kitty was very hard to capture. I would love if both was at home with their new family that is at my place. I don't know what is the fate of the female kitty but all i wish is that she is well off where she is :)

I use to talk to him sometimes and it's like he really understand what am saying :S Only God knows if he really understand me. He don't have an 'official name' yet cause as soon as we find a cuter name we called him such. At first we called him 'Meon' but dad don't approve for that name, then 'Minou' but i think it's too common for cat's name. If somebody could help me in choosing a name for my baby kitty :) Ayy! he has just bit my toe :O damn it hurts!

Among all the cats i had in my life he is the favorite. I love u my kitty...miaowww

Free from Megaclick

At last i got rid of the famous "megaclick" which was annoying me for days. Today i've kept my head involved in this matter and i've finally resolve it. At first i had no idea what could be the cause of redirecting some of my search to megaclick, I keep getting directed to this page from time to time. I presume it was a spyware, but i've run my anti-spyware two times and my antivirus haven't detected it.

I had doubted before that it was probably the megaupload toolbar i have installed as since i've installed it i started getting that redirecting thing... but i didn't took much consideration about it. Hehe...i even created a list of websites which where redirected to megaclick. Today i've uninstalled the megaupload toolbar and checked those websites and it looks like things seems back to normal till now :)

Phieww!! As from now i think i should be very careful before downloading whichever toolbar or widget...

Yupii! tomorrow is my first guitar tuition

I don't know how long it would takes me to be good at playing guitar but am just dreaming for the day when i'll be performing in concerts :P lol. Now i can say am in "Big" competition with my sister, she started her guitar tuition in more than a month i think and she has advantage on me :( Well don't worry cause i know we are quite on the same level :D hehe..that's for you my sister Rubeina, muahhh!!

Huh imagine if i play guitar and beatboxing at the same time!! i know it's very tough to learn these together but am sure and confident it's possible to do it, i've even watched a video where a guy is playing guitar and beatboxing, all i can say is WOW he's really amazing!

I have a real problem about the techniques of scratching but even though i keep on practicing to find the right "sound". In the meantime am searching for good tutorial of how to scratch. Here at this website www.beatbox.be i have found very good and clear tutorials on beatbox. So keep practicing for perfection ;)

Do we look like twins?

Am in the pink shirt ;) Next to me is my sister Rubeina

That's me and my adorable sister. Well some people think we are twins but for not to create confusion anymore she's elder than me by two years. I know, i know you will say "i thought you were elder than her"most people said that :D...oh maybe i really look older, let it be though :)

Rubeina is not only like a sister for me but as my best friend also, we share almost everything. Oops i mean not everything...if you know what am talking about :P
I know that will sounds a little weired but with her i feel really free to share all my little secrets and she's very good in giving advice :) thanks my hunii! May we always be in this way till death do us apart...

Stupid test but really funny!

This is the most stupid tester i have ever tried...ahahaha after seeing the result you will be amazed and keep on laughing!
I just could not put my result here :D shame! shame!

Hope you will enjoy and won't feel shy to tell your result :P

Go and check it out at http://www.stupidtester.com

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